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Spit Fire Flame throwing kit

 Box Sixe  4" x 3" x 1.6"      

Notice............  We do-not include spark plug bungs with our Hot Box as of 3/29/2021.
You can pick up motormite part number 342006 at most auto part store's ( fits 14mm plugs )


Connecting a wire ,switch and plug in the tailpipe is a hoax, Yes, it wont work ! It will however blow your mufflers off your car or truck . You need pulsating spark to fire fuel. I know, You read it on the internet and it says it works ! This is what the spit fire box is all about.  Everyone seems to know a cheap way or has all the answers, They are incorrect !
Spit fire's basic Street Flame's kit will not work on cars with Cat. converters. Converters take excess fuel out of the system. However, Spit-Fire Show  Flame Kit will ! Spit-Fire show kit is a setup all it's own , Car's or truck's That have a cat converter's , multi coils , efi, or fi. Spit-Fire Show kit is your only option .
Beware of Cheap bogus brand kits , Don't Be Fooled thinking you are getting something you are not ! Spit-Fire Works and Has been the # 1 kit on the market .We are the grandfather of Flame Throwing !

" You can shoot Flame's while driving or parked "

All Spit Fire Kits are dual exhaust and single exhaust setup, Single Exhaust will use only 1 of the two wire's  connecting to the  coils . All Spit-Fire box size's are  4" x 3" x 1.6"   (Smaller New Size )
 Spit-Fire Show  Kits are for cars ,Trucks and Motorcycles that have cat Converters, efi, fi , Whats this mean ? You have no Carb. . Spit Fire Show Kits  DO NOT STALL your motor as Spit Fire Street kit do.  Instructions give you all part numbers to make sure you get the right parts needed . Additional Parts can be purchased online, speed shops or e-bay . Spit Fire Show kits work on any car, truck or motorcycle .

Spit Fire Street Kit  ( carb Only ) is simple ,easy to install ,You will need is 2 coils , 2 Spark plugs and 2 plug wires. Spit-Fire Street kit works on  Cars, trucks and motorcycles That Use a Carb.  Spit-Fire Street kits are the least expensive  to setup.


(Q) Can I Upgrade my Street Hot Box to a Show Flame's setup ? 

 (A)  Yes ,You need Spit-Fire Show Flame instructions That Provide all Part Numbers and Diagrams to Up Grade Spit-Fire Street Kit to a Spit-Fire Show Flame's Setup

(Q) Can I order by Phone ?

 (A) Sorry, . Ordering can only be done Online or by Mail


(Q) I don't Live in USA,Can I Order

(A) . Sorry we only ship USA

(Q) Do I need 2 kits for dual Exhaust ?

(A) NO ,One Kit will do single or dual exhaust for cars, trucks.  Other Flame kits sell you 2 kits for dual for twice the cost. Spit Fire is all in One , This SAVE's you money and time .

(Q) What's the difference between the standard Street flame's kit and the Show Flames Kit  ?

 (A) Street kit is for cars and trucks that have carbs. Later model cars and trucks that have , electronic injection, cat. converters ,turbo or want flames for competition have to use Show Flame's Kit. Show Flames Spit fire kit  injects fuel to the tailpipes, (  we do not use nor promote propane) the flash point is to high, Both Spit-Fire Kits Street and Show use different settings and instructions. Show Flame Kits also work Great with carb cars

(Q) What do i need to complete the Show Flame Kit ? Do I need to purchase added parts ?
(A) Yes, You need to purchase added parts from your local Speed shop to make Show Flames kit complete ,reason being we are injecting fuel into the tail pipes ,Laws prohibit us to sell a complete kit . Instructions will give you part numbers , Diagrams and complete instructions.

(Q) What's the difference between your kit and other kits ?

(A) Believe it or not, most kits are made by Spit-Fire, using different names and different prices. Street Flame kits are built on the same principle, Spit Fire Kits are built with the best parts available. Our Spit-Fire Show kits are made Only by Us .All kits are transistor, soldered connections and the best wiring you can get
Don't be fooled with copy cat or bogus kits !
Lets face it, there are many bogus kits out there using cheap inexpensive components ,or you just get a box or a relay with some wire , Not to mention , spark plug bungs are not included , No Warranty nor support . Spit Fire stands behind it's name. We build, retail, wholesale and use Spit Fire on Our Hot Rods and wholesale to many famous car and bike builders . Don't settle for less ! Save time, money and get what you are paying for !

(Q) Will Spit Fire work on EFI cars ?

 (A) Yes, Spit-Fire-Show  kit will work on any car, truck . Cars with ,EFI, FI, Cat. Converters and turbo's MUST use Spit Fire Show Flame's Kit . Any Carb. Car or truck can use the standard Spit-Fire Street Kit.or Spit-Fire Show Flame's Kit .

(Q) Do you use Spit-Fire Flame Kit ?

(A) Yes, we use Spit-Fire Flame Kits on several of our  Hot Rods , Harley's . Over nine years trouble free operation and still counting.

(Q) Can these kits be made to shoot 30 foot flames ,Like I see on the internet and car shows?

(A) Average distance is 3 to 10 feet, (Spit-Fire Street Kit) If you want 20 foot plus flames etc. Spit-Fire  Show Flame Kit is what to use . Use at your own risk , Purchasing a Spit Fire kit or instructions from Hot rods etc, you are releasing any and all liabilities.......

(Q) Where do I buy the coils and Plug wires?

(A) Any Major parts store, Yes you can buy just two plug wires ,In color if you choose .You don't need a high voltage coil ,Buy the cheapest coils you can get !  For Spark Plugs, Autolite or AC work best, Instructions will give you this information.

(Q) How fast is your shipping?

(A) Usually the following day payment is received , Shipped  Fed-X  and USPS Air Mail, Please Note: We do not Ship to PO Box's !

(Q) I read on the internet that all you do is hook a switch up to the batt.  than run a wire to the plugs in the exhaust ! Is this true ?

(A) It doesn't work, you can blow exhaust gaskets and mufflers off !

(Q) Is shooting flames legal in my state?

 (A) Check the laws in your State .

(Q) Will I get flames like the movie "Gone in 60 sec. ?

(A) Yes ! Street Kit or Show Flame's Kit will give you this Cool effect .

(Q) I am having trouble with Spit-Fire Flame Thrower , What do I do ?

 (A) Not installed to instructions will void warranty and cause unit failure .If you have trouble or need help with your Spit-Fire kit or setup, you can E-Mail us or contact me by phone . We can solve your problem best over the phone, If your Box is faulty, we will replace it .Spit-Fire box's will NOT be exchanged, if tampered with or opened, period ! Exchange must be delivered before replacement box is sent, buyer pays return shipping. We'll Pay shipping back to you !  48 US Only

(Q) I purchased my kit 2 months ago ,I am now just installing it, My Box seems it don't work ,Can I exchange it ?

A) Please install your kit within the first 30 days or your warranty will be void .

(Q) Can I buy just the special push button or just the special weld-in spark plug bungs ?

(A) Yes ! Please see order page , Pay with Pay Pal, credit Cards, online.

(Q) Will you send me a copy of your directions to set up a flame thrower ?

 (A) All this information is supplied with the Spit-Fire kit. Don't Loose your Instructions ! Replacement instructions are 10.00 shipped USPS Mail

(Q) Do you warranty your product ?

 (A) Yes, 30 days from purchase date only ,If installed as per instructions (Units returned and found not to be defective will be returned at buyer expense.  We stand behind our product  as stated ,If you have a problem ,contact us ,we will trouble shoot your kit , if  faulty , We will replace your box at our discretion . Box's opened or tampered with will not be replaced period . Order your Spit-Fire flame kit

(Q) Can I get a refund ?

(A) NO, As with all custom made electrical parts, There is NO refunds or returns ! I'll do my best to solve your problem , Exchange or replacement,on approval ..

(Q) I don't want to order off the internet !How can I Order?

(A) Sorry no phone orders ,You can order by Mail . Please request a mailing address or request a online invoice for out of USA

(Q) How long does it take to get my Spit-Fire Flame kit ?

(A) Rule of thumb, 3 to 7 working days for delivery, shipped Fed-x  Shipping is usually the following working day of your paid order.


(Q) What added Parts do I need to setup my Spit-Fire Street kit ? 

 (A) Spit-Fire Street kit will need, 2 coils,2 Spark Plugs, 2 spark plug wires. That's it, Spit Fire Street Kit is Very easy to install .


(Q) What added Parts do I need to setup my Spit-Fire Show  Kit ? 

 (A) coils, plugs, plug wire's. solenoids, nozzles, flare jets, braided line and in some case's a electric fuel pump . A complete list and Part numbers are given to you in Spit-Fire Show Flame's kit . Most parts can be purchased on E-Bay for half the cost . Spit-Fire Show kit will take some time to setup ,depending on your car, truck or motorcycle. Spit-Fire Show kit is well worth the effort as you will flame like no other flame kit on the market .




Liability for defects in materials and workmanship is limited to repair or replacement at our option. spit-fire ,Hot Rods etc shall not be liable for accidents ,property damage ,or bodily injury directly or indirectly from any defect in it's products or from there use ! Spit-Fire and Hot Rods etc. makes no warranty expressed or implied that it's products are merchantable or fit for a particular purpose.
Super Kit Instructions and Spit Fire are Copy Right, They may not be Copied, or Resold without permission. purchasing a Spit Fire kit and instructions , You agree to these Terms, If you copy, remake or resale Spit Fire or instructions, I will prosecute, allowed by Law




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