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Spit Fire exhaust flame throwing kit 


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All Photo's are Actual Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles using Spit-Fire Exhaust Flame Throwing Hot Box


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Spit Fire Flame Throwing Hot Box's  # 1 Choice for Cars , Trucks & Motorcycles  

Spit Fire Flame Throwers are # 1 . Box Size, 4" x 3" x 1.6"  We use Real electrict coated wiring that resists gas, grease , solvents and will not kink preventing shorts . Spit Fire Flame throws are all soldered internal parts, this make's a postive electrical and long lasting connections. Spit Fire exhaust flame throwers use power transistors, not a relay that depends on you car electrical to do all the work creating problems .Spit Fire flame throwers are fast shipped via, Fed X, which give's you Saturday deliveries. Our support is second to none.When you purchase Spit Fire exhaust Flame Throwers Hot Box's, You bought the best !


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 Flame the throwing enthusiasts , Street rods,  Rat rods , Hot Rods, customs, motorcycles, lead sleds , Low riders ,muscle cars ,Harley Davidson , Trucks.  

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 Photos and MPG Flame movies to help choose the right flame throwing kit .Spit-Fire offere's Our Spit-Fire Street Flame's kit or our Spit-Fire Show flame's kit.

We do not use propane or promote it.   You receive a custom made transistor electronic box with soldered connections that last a lifetime. You also get  Phone support if needed . We have  two kits to choose from , Spit Fire Street flame throwing Hot Box and Spit Fire Show Flame throwing Hot Box's are on Sale now . Harleys, Cars, Trucks use spit Fire Show kits for best results .Cars , Trucks That have Cat converter, fuel injection or turbo . Spit Fire Show Flame Hot Box would be your only option. Cars , Trucks that run a Carb , Spit Fire Street Hot Box can be used .

 Spit-Fire Exhaust Flame Throwers can Flame just about any car , truck or motorcycle . Check Out Flame Movies, a Harley Road King and 1929 Ford Roadster shooting flames with Spit fire Street Hot Box and Our Spit-Fire Show Injection Hot Box

 Have a Spit-Fire Street Hot Box and want upgrade ?   No Problem !  Convert your street Hot Box to a Show Flames set up ! ,All you need , is our Spit-Fire Show Flame's Instructions, You will recieve diagrams ,part Numbers and instructions to convert a street kit to show flame's ,   Maybe your Show flame's are a little rad for what you want ! Got Ya covered , Convert your spit-fire show flame's to spit-fire street flames .Instructions is all needed, Our Spit-Fire flame Hot Boxs can be installed either way, No need to buy two Box's, Spit-Fire does it all at one price at your choosing. All photos are actual cars ,trucks and motorcycles using Spit Fire exhaust flame throwing Hot Box. Spit Fire show flame Hot Box or our spit fire Street flame Hot Box.       

  Spit Fire exhaust flame throwing Hot Box's make's it easy !





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